History and Mission

The Institute of Audio Research is dedicated to the art, business, and technology of audio in all its forms. As such, IAR serves the music, motion picture, multi-media, communications, consumer electronics, and entertainment industries, as well as other employment sectors that demand highly trained audio technicians and producers.

As a creative community, IAR brings to New York City artists and scholars from around the world who share a passion for audio. Its specialized campus, hands-on curriculum, and talented faculty develops in students subject-matter expertise, while also fostering a set of shared values. These include respect for diverse perspectives, creative expression, intellectual honesty, and personal responsibility.

AR seeks to develop graduates who are creative/technical problem solvers, effective collaborators, and life-long learners. They possess the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to join the audio community in entry-level capacities immediately following graduation or after further post-secondary study at IAR or another institution of higher education.


  • To develop in students subject-matter expertise in audio recording technology and production sufficient to enter the industries served by IAR.
  • To develop in students applied general education competencies that empha size practical applications and theory.
  • To foster an academic community steeped in culture and technology, which is nriched with experiential learning opportunities, and promotes lifelong learning.
  • To provide IAR graduates who seek to continue their education prior to joining the workforce with appropriate articulation and/or transfer opportunities to associate and bachelor degree programs with advanced standing.