LIFX is a wifi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your smartphone.

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Control Your Lights Like Never Before

LIFX Bulbs Last 25 Years

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16 Million Colors At Your Fingertips

LIFX is like going from black and white television to full-color HD. Transform the ambience of your home or workplace using your smartphone.

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Look At Your Lights In a Whole New Way

Visualize Your Music

Bring the party home and synchronize your lighting with your music.

Ease Into Your Day

Wake up peacefully each morning with automatically increasing light, or improve your quality of sleep with slow dimming light.

Stay Connected

Receive lighting notifications when you want to stay connected to your phone without being near it.

Enjoy Automatic Lighting

Experience a well-lit home on arrival. LIFX knows when you're home or away and can be configured to turn on/off automatically.

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Great For The Environment & Your Wallet


electricity than standard household bulbs = lower electricity bills.


lifespan than regular light bulbs (25 years vs. 8 months).


CO2 emissions than fluorescent bulbs = reduced envionmental impact.

It's long lifespan makes it a worthy investment" ~ PC Mag

LIFX Energy Comparison



  Incandescent LIFX
Wattage 75 17 (max)
Lumens 1200 1000
Expected lifespan 1000 hours 40000 hours
Annual greenhouse emissions 182 pounds of CO2 63 pounds of CO2
Annual running cost $12.92 $4.48
Time until LIFX pays for itself 11.8 years
Lifetime energy savings +$231

* All figures are estimates based on available data at time of publication. Calculations include standby power consumption.

Installing LIFX Is Simple! No need for electricians or complicated control boxes

"Takes seconds to setup"

Frequently Asked Questions (click question to reveal answer)

Why are LIFX bulbs so expensive?

LIFX bulbs use only premium components and with a lifespan of over 27 years each bulb is built for reliability and quality as well as saving you money on replacement costs of standard incandescent bulbs.

Other connected bulbs use inferior networking chips and require additional hubs to control their bulbs, not to mention weak brightness production. LIFX bulbs can produce over 1,000 lumens and with it’s internalised networking chips getting setup is as simple as screwing in a lightbulb - no external gateway required.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders, excluding relevant shipping or import duties.

How do I know if LIFX bulbs will fit in my socket(s)? How do I know which socket I have?

The LIFX bulbs are A21 size and come in two different fitting types, Edison screw or Bayonet cap. Please ensure you check which one you have before ordering - as a general rule of thumb if the fitting requires a “push and twist” action than it’s likely a bayonet cap, but if you need to screw the bulb into it’s socket then it’s an Edison cap.

What if I accidentally order the wrong LIFX bulb?

If you let us know right away before your order is shipped we can quickly change it for you. However if you receive your bulbs and realise they are the wrong type, send it back to us and we’ll arrange the correct model to be sent back to you ASAP.

Do LIFX bulbs have a warranty?

All LIFX bulbs come with a standard 2 year hardware replacement warranty.

Does the app work for Android, Windows, and iPhone?

The LIFX app is currently available for Android and iPhone with a Windows version available very soon.

If I lose my phone, can I still use LIFX bulbs like a normal light bulb with a switch?

Yes absolutely. LIFX bulbs can be controlled on/off the same way your traditional bulbs work with standard wall switches.

Do I need wi-fi for LIFX to work?

Yes, you will need a reliable wifi network present in order to connect and control your bulbs from your smartphone. If for some reason your wifi network isn’t working you can still turn your LIFX bulbs on and off by using your normal wall switch just as you would with standard bulbs.

How do I know this isn’t some internet scam?

With over 110,000 units already sold online and through retail department stores like John Lewis and BestBuy, LIFX is reinventing the lightbulb and changing the way we live in light. You can also head over to our Facebook page or Twitter profile to checkout what we’ve been up to, or read about what Forbes, TechCrunch are saying about us!

Will using LIFX bulbs damage my eyesight?

Although LIFX bulbs produce superior brightness at over 1,000 lumens it is completely safe and has passed all certification requirements.

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What LIFX Customers Are Saying

“My LIFX arrived today and I just wanted to say thank you! I screwed it into a socket and downloaded the iPhone app and everything worked right out of the box. It is exceeding my expectations in every way.”

James W. - New Haven, CT

“12 hours with my new LIFX bulbs and, if things keep working this well, I’m never looking back. It’s magic. Already ordered more.”

Michael T. - Boulder, CO

“LIFX may be the coolest thing I have ever purchased. They finally came and it was well worth the wait. Adding some color to my life.”

Liz M. - Nashville, TN

“Just received my LIFX bulb. This thing is amazing! I think I might have to kit my whole house out with them. Thanks again!”

Ken C. - Sunrise, FL

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