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Charter (H1)

The Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association (DaytonDefense) is committed to the integration of the business interests of the Dayton Area Defense Contractors, along with the community interests of all those who live and work in the Dayton area. DaytonDefense's principal purpose is to promote economic development activity among local Defense contractors, community residents in the Greater Dayton area, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB).

DaytonDefense is dedicated to the following objectives: (H2)

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  • To promote the preeminence of WPAFB as the Department of Defense focal point for research, development, acquisition, and to support new, developing, and fielded aeronautical, aerospace, and information systems.
  • To support Air Force policies that consolidate aeronautical and aerospace development, acquisition, and support activities at the WPAFB complex, aschanging requirements dictate basic realignment throughout the United States.
  • To enhance the awareness, within the community and among area political representatives, of the contributions and importance of WPAFB employees both military and civilian–and the Dayton area's Defense contractors to National Security.
  • To foster cooperation among member companies and other organizations to support issues of common interest, including economic stability, growth, and the well-being of the Dayton area.
  • To develop and foster a mutual understanding between the Dayton Area Defense Contractors and the Department of Defense activities at WPAFB–the objective being that the problems of each might be considered and resolved through cooperation among the parties.